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Last week, I woke bright and early with an idea on my mind as clear as day. I knew I had to make it happen. It was the perfect pairing of writing and photography, the perfect way to honor all I’ve seen, all I’ve experienced behind the lens. Yes, this is a new series that will consist of letters to moms I’ve photographed through the years.

You might be wondering how on earth I’ll do such a thing. Or perhaps WHY?!

Let me tell you.

As the years have passed in my life as a photographer, I’ve noticed there are certain types of moms I work with, certain personalities, certain categories of moms shall we say. After a while, you see the patterns again and again. They’re worth noting, worth recognizing, worth acknowledging out loud. It’s my idea to write a letter to EACH type of mom.

There’s the mom who loves on her kiddos, the mom who doesn’t want to be in pictures, the mom who brings all the props and wants to make everything perfect. There’s the mom who’s stressed out and just wants to get this done, the mom who’s worried she’s going to look fat in pictures, the mom who dressed her kids to the nines. There’s the mom who doesn’t like the way her photos turned out, the mom who’s throwing this thing together at the last minute, the mom who’s lost a child and doesn’t take a single moment for granted. There’s the mom clinging to her baby who’s all grown up now, the mom who does this every year and knows what she wants, the mom who’s worried about her child, the mom who’s depressed, the mom who’s living the last days of her life and wants to leave a legacy.

There are all sorts of moms. Most fit into multiple categories. But by the time I’ve completed a photo shoot with you, I could probably guess which category fits you best. And you would probably acknowledge that as true. Because as women, we know ourselves. We know our strengths and we know our weaknesses. For some reason, I’ve found that photo shoots bring out both our strengths and our weaknesses, the best of us and the worst of us, our darkest places and brightest places.

In this series, I acknowledge you, moms. YOU as mother, mom, mama, mommy, caregiver, and centering force for all concerned when it comes to your family and photo shoots. I write TO YOU and FOR YOU. For your type. For the type of mom you are, the type of mom I see you as, for ALL you bring to the table. This is for YOU. So listen. Find yourself somewhere. See yourself somewhere. One of these letters is for you. And when you do find yourself, when you do see yourself, listen carefully, read carefully, and KNOW you’re loved wherever you are, whoever you are. JUST as you are.

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