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Every life has a purpose. Every person
has a story. What's yours? This is a quiet place to read, and a safe place to share and see the significance of your story. Come on in. Get cozy. Relax and enjoy!


let's tell

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Dreams pressed down.

Watered down.

Stomped on, tromped on ’til they’re tired, tattered down.

Disappear, they say.

Go away.

Come again another day.

Forget it.


Stupid dreams.

Silly dreams.

Nobody cares.

Doesn’t matter.

Take a seat.


Driver’s in the back seat.

I’m still here.




Where are you?

Who are you?

What do you need?

Time. Money. Peace. No more dis-ease, please.

Fierce. Warrior. Braveheart.

Here. There. Everywhere.


Yes, dreams.

Watered down. Pressed down. Shaken, but not destroyed.

I’m still here.

Fear fighter.


Call me what you may.

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