Secrets to Making Magical Moments on Your Disney Vacation


When you’re on a Disney vacation, magical moments are bound to happen. You can’t force magical moments. You can’t achieve magical moments. You can’t make them happen. You can’t push your way or pay your way into magical moments. You can’t even predict when they’ll happen. But one thing’s for sure…Disney LOVES to create magic for its guests. One way, one day or another, you will experience the magic. Big ways and small ways, the magic will strike at just the right time, at just the right place, with just the right people. The only thing you need to do to experience the magic is to be fully present and engaged in your Disney vacation.

I could end this post with those simple words of wisdom. But I do have a small selection of secrets that will help you make magical moments on your Disney vacation. Here they are, friends.


Secret #1: Be as fully present as you can, wherever you are.

There’s nothing special about this secret. Be present right where you are. Forget the rushing. Forget the cramming it all in. Stop trying to make it all happen. Just be present. Wherever you are.

Secret #2: Stop and relax for a moment.

Sometimes, you’ll only find the magic you need if you stop, listen and take a look around. Perhaps it’s a slower-paced magical moment you need. Sit on a bench and listen to music. Perhaps you’re overstimulated and you really need to tuck yourself away in a corner of one of the Disney Parks. Watch people. Chat with Disney cast members. Meander through the Park with no agenda in mind. Magical moments happen when you’re actively engaged with your Disney surroundings, but they also happen when you’re quiet and fully in tune with your Disney surroundings.


Secret #3: Breathe. Be an observer.

On our most recent vacation to Disney World, I found myself breathing deeply much more often than normal. It’s almost like my body needed to reset to the new normal of our Disney daily routines. Let’s face it, our regular, everyday lives are much different than our days at Disney Parks. I honestly think some of us just need to breathe before anything else. Before any magical moments can happen, we need to posture our hearts, minds and souls properly so we’ll be ready to receive the magic when it happens.


Secret #4: Stay in the moment.

What I’ve discovered about making magical moments at Disney Parks, is that sometimes I just need to STAY right where I am. Had I not stopped and STAYED when I realized an engagement was going to happen in front of my eyes at Epcot, I would have never witnessed that magical moment. I wondered about all the people that passed by, all the people who stopped to check it out for a moment, but never STAYED still long enough to watch the magic unfold. They missed out. Big time. So stop and relax, for sure. But make sure you STAY for a while, too.

Secret #5: Get yourself in the middle of something and get fully engaged. 

This includes, but is not limited to parades, stage shows, character meet and greets, interactions with Disney cast members, interactions with servers at Disney restaurants, and engagement with Disney photographers. Don’t shy away from anything. Get in there, friends. Get right in there. If something captures your attention and draws you in even just a little bit, get in there. Get in the middle of it. Get in the thick of it. Who knows where magic might be waiting?!


Secret #6: Be willing to meet someone new.

Sometimes, in order to experience magical moments, you have to put yourself out there a little, more than you usually would. Had I not invited a mama and her baby to sit next to me on the shuttle one day from our Disney Resort to Magic Kingdom, I would’ve never experienced that magical moment. Later that same day, had I not taken a chance and reached out to Disney cast member, Christlove, at Be Our Guest check-in desk, we never would have enjoyed our magical sit-down dinner as a family of five.

The secrets to making magical moments on your Disney vacation are incredibly simple and incredibly interconnected.

Be present.





Stay in the moment.

Get engaged.

Meet someone new.

That’s all, friends. If and when you go on a Disney vacation, I want all the love, all the magic for you. Do your part by following these six secrets to prepare yourself. And I promise, Disney will make its magic!





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