Best Places to Rest at Disney World

We’re nearing the end of my month-long series, 31 Days of Disney. It’s been a whirlwind of a magical month! With eight days left of the series, I feel myself winding down. As much as I ADORE all things Disney, I need a rest from all the Disney tips, tricks and favorites I’ve been sharing. So I thought today would be a perfect day to share this post, Best Places to Rest at Disney World!

Let’s get right to it. Because when you need a break, you need a break. Disney World is no exception.

On our most recent vacation to Disney World, I took notes as we went about our day. I noted the best places to rest around Disney Parks. Places that are accessible and realistic to sit down and take a break when you’re in need of a little rest and rejuvenation.

By the time we get to the end of this post, I’ll have shared best resting spots in Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Get your Mickey gear on and head on over. It’s time to rest, friends. It’s time to rest.

Frontierland at Disney World

MAGIC KINGDOM: Frontier Trading Post’s Porch in Frontierland

This is a LOVELY place to rest, one of my favorites of all Disney World. In front of the Frontier Trading Store in Frontierland, there’s a wrap-around porch with rocking chairs. Friends, this is so good. THE most relaxing place in all of Magic Kingdom for sure. Rock your afternoon away by yourself, with a tired toddler, with your dear teenage daughter who just needs a little rest, or with your elderly father who’s out of breath. It’s a marvelous resting spot. And did I mention they play the most relaxing instrumental music EVER?! LOVE this place. A must see. A must do when it comes to rest.


MAGIC KINGDOM: In front of Crystal Palace and Casey’s Corner Famous Hot Dogs just off Main Street. 

This resting place is a little tricky to describe. Go to Main Street. Find Casey’s Corner Famous Hot Dogs (obviously, on the corner). Then find Crystal Palace. Stand outside between those two restaurants, and look back towards Cinderella’s Castle. There, you’ll find several benches and wide-open walking paths and spaces where you can REST, friends! This is another LOVELY rest area. GREAT photo opportunities, and not too bad as far as traffic passing by. Head right there, friends. I think you’ll be pleased.


MAGIC KINGDOM: Benches on walkway between Sleepy Hollow and Cinderella’s Castle

In Liberty Square, there’s a quaint little quick-service restaurant called Sleepy Hollow that serves yummy waffles and such. If you make your way behind Sleepy Hollow, there’s a walkway that takes you back behind the castle. Along the way to the castle, there are a handful of little inlets with benches to sit and rest. We passed this rest spot around 3:00 p.m., and lighting options were great. Some full sun benches, as well as some full shade benches. Great, quaint and hidden little resting spot. There is light traffic passing through, but not much. Great for a few photos as well.


MAGIC KINGDOM: Benches at Entrance to Liberty Square

There are some cute little benches as you pass through the entrance to Liberty Square. It’s easy to miss this resting spot, but don’t! It would be a lovely place to stop and take a breather on a hot day. Plus, it’d be a great spot to people watch as they pass by. Check it out!


ANIMAL KINGDOM: Benches at Research Centre in Pangani Forest

Next to Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom, you’ll find Pangani Forest, a place you can walk through and see various birds, gorillas, fish and other cool creatures. The entire trail is restful in itself. It’s nice and shaded, and people tend to have a relaxed demeanor in there. So if you need some peace, quiet and shade, definitely go through the Pangani Forest. It’s a perfect stop after your safari. About half way through the trail, you’ll run into the Research Centre. Before you enter the building, you’ll see a porch with several benches. This is a GREAT place to stop and rest. It’s quiet. It’s shaded. And I’m pretty sure nobody even notices when you’re in there. Voila! Perfect resting spot, friends.


ANIMAL KINGDOM: Line/path going into “It’s a Bug’s Life” attraction.

If you get in line for “It’s a Bug’s Life” attraction, which is close to The Tree of Life, you’ll go through a very LONG walkway. I’ve visited this attraction many times in the past, but didn’t realize what a GREAT resting place it is until our most recent vacation! Did I mention that the path to get into the main waiting area for the attraction is LONG? It’s also fairly scenic. So scenic in one area that it’s PERFECT for pictures of The Tree of Life. And such an easy place to stop and take a rest. You could stand, lean against railings, or even sit on the ground and I’m sure you wouldn’t bother a soul! Try it! There aren’t benches or anything, but it’s still quite relaxing. At the very least, this is a great place to take it slow.


EPCOT: Benches just outside the China Pavilion

If you’re walking through the World Showcase in Epcot, you’ll eventually walk through China. You can’t miss the China Pavilion. It’s beautiful. If you walk deeper in, you’ll find what I believe is called the House of Good Fortune. It’s a gift store that looks like a large Chinese house. Outside of that, you’ll find a good handful of benches you can rest on for as long as you’d like. The area is quiet, secluded and beautiful. On our most recent visit to Epcot, our family stopped here to regroup for quite a while.


EPCOT: Promenade and gardens in United Kingdom

When you’re walking through the World Showcase in Epcot, you can’t miss United Kingdom. It’s one of my favorites, filled with beautiful stores, buildings, gardens and landscapes. You can’t miss it. Behind the stores, you’ll find beautiful gardens, benches and a promenade at which you can rest. It’s a lovely, delightful, and very quiet area. We found Marry Poppins greeting guests there, but otherwise it was completely hidden from sight. Another great place to rest and enjoy the quiet sights of Disney.


HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS: Streets of America

The Streets of America are Hollywood Studio’s place to REST! If you’ve had a long day, if you’re fatigued, if you have a crying baby or a crabby child, if your feet are tired, and if you just want to sit and people watch for a while, find the Streets of America. They’re scenic, easy to walk, and quiet. They’re near the back of the park. Look on the map and find your way there. Once you arrive, you must walk through. Just because. And you’ll have to take a seat on one of the benches lining the streets. Because there are SO many and its SO tempting to rest. Why not?

That’s it for today, my friends! If you’re heading to Disney World for vacation, remember to tuck these places in the back of your mind. They’re my favorite places to rest. And now? I’m heading to bed myself. For a little late night rest. Good night, friends. Happy resting.





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