Dream 24: Dancing & Giving (Guest Post From A Nine-Year-Old Girl)



Meet Elsa.

She’s my 9-year-old daughter. Two nights ago, she asked if she could start her own blog. I told her I would support that, but maybe it would be nice to try writing a guest post on my blog first and see how that goes!

So I asked Elsa one question. “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do with your life?”

This is the response she typed, word for word, all by herself.

“I would probably be a dancer, because whenever me and my sister are bored, what we do is dance in my room. Sometimes when I’m just bored, I act like I’m a real dancer. I’ve been in dancing for 4 1/2 years. I like dance a lot. This year I have dance class on Wednesday. The type of dance I’m doing this year is hip hop. This year is the first year I’m doing hip hop and so far I love it.

I would also like to give a chunk of my money to people who need it. I would like to because I like giving to others. I would give the money to people like my sponsored child, poor people and much more people, but I can’t think of anyone else. If I were you, what I would do is give at least 5-10% of your money to charity and other people groups. What I would do is give 30% of my money to anyone that needs it.”


So what can we learn from Elsa?

Elsa is passionate and generous.

She knows what she loves, and at this point in her life, she’s willing to believe anything is possible. Elsa loves to dance. It energizes her and it’s her go-to activity when she’s bored. What did you do when you were a little girl that still lights you up inside as a grown woman? What if we let that little child shine again?

Elsa’s generous heart allows her to think big when it comes to giving. I love how she’d give “money to…much more people but she can’t think of anyone else” and “anyone that needs it.” Elsa is willing to step out of her comfort zone to serve. Her heart is open. She doesn’t personally know every person that needs help around the world, but what she does know is that there are “people groups” who need help. Bless her soul, she just wants to help.

Leave some comment love for Elsa, will you? Encourage her in her dreams, compliment her writing, or just share a little of what’s on your heart for my sweet nine year old. I’m gone at a writing conference, but she’ll be reading the post and your comments with daddy later tonight. Thanks, friends.





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  1. Jean Ulianich says:

    Keep that kind and generous spirit, Elsa.

  2. Emily Ratkos says:

    Elsa, thank you for sharing your story! I am also a dancer, so I can understand your love for dance. Remember to keep praising Him with the gifts He has given you. I can see how much you love to share and give just by reading this post. Thanks for encouraging me to do the same!

  3. Tom Baunsgard says:

    Wonderful Blog Elsa! Keep following your dreams and your desire to help others! And… Keep Dancing, Keep Dancing, Keep Dancing!

  4. Peggy Lynn Groenwold says:

    Elsa… You have such a big heart for people who don’t have have a lot.

  5. Lynne Kellerman says:

    That was beautiful, Elsa.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Your daughter is precious. I love the look of your blog, and I’m so glad we got to meet at Allume this weekend. Also, I think it’s really cool that you have a goal of going on 30 cruises — I want to know why? Like I told you today, my hubby and I just booked our first! We’ll see if I like it enough to go on 30!

    • Amy says:

      Tiffany, it was great to meet you at Allume, and I hope we can stay in touch from here on out. Best wishes with your blog as well. I’ll try to follow early this week. 🙂 You will LOVE cruising. We’ve been on 4 and hope we’ll reach that 30. Cruising is the best!

  7. Pat Baunsgard Hennagin says:

    Great blog Elsa. It is easy to see that you have a big heart and a talent for writing. Keep up with the writing and dancing!

  8. Susan Chamberlain Shipe says:

    Elsa, I loved your premier blog post. I am not a dancer but I almost envy those who are – my husband is a great dancer and we like to dance in the kitchen! I hope your dancing dream comes true. Like you, I love to give. Keep writing and dancing and giving – God bless you!

  9. Carol Femling says:

    Love you Sweetie!! Love your BIG heart and good thoughts about helping people in need! LOVE when I get to see you, Maisie and Raegan dance together! Love coming to watch your dance recitals–you are an awesome dancer! Keep doing it all!! XOXO 🙂

  10. Christie Scanlon Fleischhacker says:

    Oh she is such a sweet girl with a big heart! Follow those dream Elsa and never stop dancing!

  11. Rachel Arntson says:

    Elsa, Keep dancing! I love dancing, but I kind of look like a bull in a china closet when I dance, so it’s best if I keep that dream for you. 🙂 Also, keep writing. You will never know how many people you will touch. Also, I loved your comment about giving. That shows such an amazing heart. Take care and God bless you and keep you in your journey through life. I loved your post. (P.S. – Come back to mosaic with me. lol)

  12. Monica Anderson Palmer says:

    ❤️ brave & beautiful Elsa!

  13. Elsa, I love your writing! I love your generous heart and how you like to create beauty and joy when you dance. I bet you have so much fun! My daughter has a blog–it’s about being yourself. She is 8 years old: http://www.trulyyouand.me/

    P.S. I love your mom’s heart and how she loves people through her writing. That’s so cool.

    • Amy says:

      Jennifer, thank you for your kind words for my daughter, Elsa. She wants to look up your daughter’s blog. We will do that now. 🙂 blessings, sweet friend.

  14. Katie Wilson says:

    Keep writing and dream big!

  15. Raquel says:

    Love it Elsa!! I hope you do start a blog and follow in your momma’s footstep…you have her gift of writing and thinking! Dream Big Elsa!! God has amazing plans for you:)

  16. Laura says:

    Elsa – Your guest post was wonderful! Thank you for sharing your generous heart. I am looking forward to more guest posts from you!

    PS – I hope my daughter loves to dance, too (she’s just a baby, now)!

  17. Julie Reynolds says:

    Elsa, you did a wonderful job! I love dancing also. I like to watch beautiful dancers, they inspire me to dream. I loved what you wrote about giving, I think the world would be a much better place if everyone thought of others and their needs as you do. God bless you as you continue to write.

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