Dream 23: Cartooning & Animation


DSC_1422Meet Cassie.

She helped me checkout when I went into Michael’s arts and crafts store to buy some fall stickers for speech-language therapy.

I asked Cassie one question. “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do with your life?”

This was her response.

She’d “dedicate more time to improving the arts.” “That’s a career goal,” Cassie noted.

Cassie would like to get into cartooning and animation. She “draws on a daily basis for now, to improve for when she takes classes to make it a career possibility.”

Full Sail University would be Cassie’s “Harvard” in regards to schools for cartooning and animation, because they work with Disney and Pixar quite a bit. Cassie’s other dream would be to work at FUNimation Entertainment in Texas. There, they specialize in anime, which is one of Cassie’s loves.

If Cassie didn’t have to worry about money at all, she’d also make sure to leave time for more exercise and video games.


So what can we learn from Cassie?

I love how Cassie’s found work that’s in line with her dreams. She dreams of getting into cartooning and animation someday, so she landed a job at Michael’s arts and crafts store. She’s not wasting her time doing work she dislikes. She’s not wasting her time on some random job that has absolutely nothing to do with cartooning and animation. She’s spending her time as wisely as she can, and she’s moving in the right direction.

Cassie’s not currently enrolled in cartooning or animation school, but she is drawing on a daily basis. They say practice makes perfect. So even if you’re not anywhere close to achieving your ultimate dreams, keep practicing. Because you never know where all that practice will take you!

What are you practicing? Even if you haven’t achieved your ultimate dream, are you somewhere along the way? What could you do, today, to propel yourself towards that dream, even if it seems small, even if nobody knows or notices but you?





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