Inviting Her Back: Restoring the Little Girl Voice (Part 4)


Dear Little Me,

I stared at this picture of you forever.

Something about it’s paralyzing to my soul.

I can’t capture what it is.

Why am I staring at a girl so brave? A girl so free? A girl so pure?

Where did she go?

When did she get lost?

Why was she kidnapped in the darkness of daylight?

Little girl, I invite you back.

Trust, with me.

Smile, with me.

Love, with me.

Wait, with me.

Be, with me.

I need this little girl. This little one. Blindfolded, but free.

Little girl, teach me, tell me.

How do you trust with such abandon?

How do you wait so patiently?

How do you know, without thinking once, that it’s going to be alright?

How do you smile in the unknowing?

How do you love, just love, love your life?

Little girl, you’re welcome back.

I need you now.

It’s time for you, little girl, to be me.

All of me.





*This series is inspired in part by a blog post I wrote in January 2014 titled “Go. Like It Matters. Go. Like It’s Your Life.” And in part by Bonnie Gray’s new book, Finding Spiritual Whitespace. For more information about WHY I’m writing this series, click here to read the first post of this series titled “Restoring the Little Girl Voice (Part 1).”

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