One More Day and We’ll Be On Our Way


Hello, friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe, but only one more day and we’ll be on our way to Kenya, Africa, for our mission trip.

Our team consists of 10. Randy. Another Randy. Nate. Anna. Matt. Maggie. Paul. Jamie. Lacey. And me, Amy.

It’s fascinating, really. God called each one of us, uniquely, to go on this trip to Kenya. He brought us together – at this exact point in history, His Story – to form a team.

Our mission? To share the love of our Heavenly Father. To share the love and sweet promises of Jesus. To LOVE Kenyans.

Friday morning, we’ll meet at the airport and make our way to Kenya, Africa, on a series of flights. We’d appreciate prayers for smooth and safe flights, for quick clearance through customs, and for ALL 10 of us and our 20, 50-pound duffle bags to arrive safely in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya is NINE hours AHEAD of our home state of Minnesota, so by the time we arrive at our final destination, it’ll be early Sunday morning in Kenya!

Our trip is 10 days long.

While we’re in Africa, we’ll be partnering with a nonprofit organization called Love For Kenya. Our team will be engaging extensively with orphans, widows, staff and local villagers. We’ll spend a lot of time at the orphanage with the children, but will also be spending a fair amount of time in the community building relationships, meeting peoples’ needs, sharing our faith, praying for people, and doing work projects and large-scale outreach projects as we feel led. Personally, I’m really looking forward to a whole day we’ll spend with a group of widows who are considered outcasts, scums of the earth, in Africa. Before we leave, our team will be taking a safari and will also be spending a short time at the Kibera Slums in Nairobi, the largest urban slum in Africa.

Our team leader, Randy, told us that this mission trip will be incredibly RELATIONAL.

We’re as prepared as we can be, friends.

We’re fully funded. (Thank you, thank you, kind and generous supporters!)

We’ve met several times for training and preparations.

We’ve gotten all the recommended vaccinations.

We’ve gathered supplies.

We’ve packed our bags.

We’ve prayed.

And we’ve prepared our hearts.

We’re nearly on our way. One more day.

Kenya here we come.

May God bless us and go before us.

Thank you, friends, for joining our journey. It’s an honor to have you follow along. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support from a distance.

Amy & Team

Kenya_smallbuttonThis blog post is part of a series I’m writing about my journey to Kenya, Africa, with the nonprofit organization, Love for Kenya, in the fall of 2015. Click here and you’ll be directed to the landing page where you can read ALL the posts from the series. If you haven’t already, read the post I wrote when I announced the trip. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find ALL the Kenya posts listed and linked for your reading enjoyment. Thanks for joining the journey, friends.

  1. Carol Femling says:

    Praying for all of you to have a safe trip and good experiences. Love you bunches, Amy!!! ❤️

  2. Mary Katherine Boyle says:

    Thoughts and prayers for and your group. Traveling Merrcies !

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