12 Tips for Visiting Disney World (From a 12 Year Old)

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Today, my 12-year-old son is sharing 12 tips for visiting Disney World! Typically, he communicates the bare minimum. But when it came to this exercise, he gave me all the information I wanted and more. So here goes nothing! These are the 12 tips my son wanted to share with you after our most recent family vacation to Disney World.


Tip #1: Buy Mickey ears or a Mickey hat.

Tip #2: Get Disney trading pins. Trade pins.

Tip #3: Get a Disney dining plan.


Tip #4: Go on any ride you want. 

Tip #5: Go on the Expedition Everest ride in Animal Kingdom.

Tip #6: Go on the Mission: SPACE ride in Epcot.

Tip #7: Get Fast Passes for rides.


Tip #8: Get the most expensive thing on the menu and get a milkshake to go with it. (Please note, mom would like to add that the only reason he was ever allowed to get a milkshake AND the most expensive thing on the menu is because we purchased Disney dining plans!)

Tip #9: Go to every park. Stay until the parks close.

Tip #10: Stay at Disney World as long as you can.

Tip #11: Stay at a Disney hotel.

Tip #12: Don’t think about when you’re gonna go home.


That’s it, friends! Between my daughter’s 10 Tips for Visiting Disney World and my son’s 12 Tips for Visiting Disney World, all the bases should be covered! If you’re bringing tweens on a Disney vacation, all you need to do is follow their 22 tips for a successful visit. Your children are bound to be happy! You simply can’t go wrong.

If you have anything you’d like my son to clarify or want more detail about any of the tips he’s shared, please let me know! I’m sure he would be happy to answer any questions you have about Disney World from a 12-year-old’s perspective.

Thanks, everyone! Tomorrow and the day after that, I’ll be sharing “Tips for Doing Disney World with a Preschooler.” Oh, yes! After our first Disney World vacation with a three year old, we certainly have plenty of things to say about that!





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    Well done Cooper, You nailed it!

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