Our Favorite Disney Memories (And Yours!)

Magic Kingdom

Today, we’re talking favorite Disney memories! I asked my husband, son and oldest daughter to sit down and write about their favorite memories from past Disney vacations. I’ve included one of my favorite memories as well. I hope you’ll find our diverse perspectives to be easy and enjoyable to read. After you’ve read all about OUR favorite Disney memories, I invite you to take a moment to think about and share YOUR favorite Disney memories! Let’s do this, friends!

Animal Kingdom

Seth’s favorite memory

I’m a fan of all things Disney, but especially the experience of Disney Parks. That makes choosing a favorite memory difficult – it all runs together in a week-long fog of favorites on top of favorites. But there was this one small event, at Animal Kingdom, that stands out.  It was a little thing, barely even significant enough to warrant comment, and yet it jumps out. I was approaching my family. Sitting there on a bench, next to a concession stand was Amy, in dressier-than-normal clothes and looking peaceful, even with the joyous kids climbing all over her. Without a word, I grabbed the camera and snapped the best shot of that vacation. Our whole family was perfection in that moment, and it was inspired by the happiness of the place. I’m looking forward to another moment like that next week.

Frontierland at Disney World

Amy’s favorite memory

There are so many favorite memories that flood my mind when I think of the six Disney trips we’ve taken to date. I could tell you all over again about the time I met Fairy Godmother behind the castle. I could bring you back to 1900 Park Fare when Cinderella’s Stepsister captured my heart so tenderly. (What is it about me and the Cinderella cast?) I could share memories I’ve never shared before, like the time the kids had fun chanting and waving their arms up and down on our way out of Magic Kingdom, or the time we saw Britney Spears perform up close and personal at Hollywood Studios. But I’m choosing this one little memory to highlight as a favorite today. This one time I found myself sitting on a rocking chair with my daughter in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. We were waiting for my husband and son. I’m not sure why. We had nothing to do, so we sat. On the rocking chair. The two of us in one little chair in the corner of the store-front porch. We rocked and rocked the hour away. A bird came swooping in to eat some leftover lunch crumbs. People enjoyed ice cream and lunch nearby. We didn’t do anything, really, except rock to the music. Quaint country music played. It wasn’t anything special except wholesome goodness. Just a little country instrumental, that’s all. Lovely. Reminiscent of days passed. Reminiscent of another time. Another much better place. We rocked and rocked. We were in Frontierland, where all things are possible. All things were possible that afternoon. I delighted in the moment. Asked my husband to take a photo when they returned. And I made it into a 5×7 to display in my home office. I wanted to remember the peace, the goodness, the wholeness, the community, the sense of YES, this is all good. Oh, so good. Did I mention I even searched around in that store to see if they had the music for sale? But nobody knew where they got it, nobody knew where it came from. Perhaps it was mystery music? Perhaps I’ll see if I can get my hands on a copy of that music next time we’re in Frontierland. It’s time to bring that goodness to our own front porch. I am a southern girl at heart, you know.

tea cups Disneyland

Cooper’s favorite memory (12 years old)

My favorite part of Disney World is when we go on rides. All the family seems so happy. There are rides everywhere. We have so much fun! My favorite ride is Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. I like how fast it goes.

Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare

Elsa’s favorite memory (10 years old)

My favorite memory of Disney World is when we went to 1900 Park Fare. I liked the buffet there. A couple examples of the good food were a chocolate fountain, yogurt parfaits, and pulled pork (which was super good). My other favorite part about 1900 Park Fare is that we got to see the Cinderella cast. We met them when we were eating. The evil stepmother came along, and she was being really mean to Cinderella and her two other daughters. (This memory is from four years ago, so I was into princesses then. Don’t judge.) All of the Cinderella cast signed my autograph book. That was my favorite memory of Disney World!

Your Favorite Memories

So what’s your favorite Disney memory? Have you been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Maybe you’ve been to Disneyland Paris?! How awesome would that be?! Or maybe you’ve done a Disney cruise? We’re hoping for one in 2017, and would love to hear your thoughts, insight and best Disney cruising tips! If you visited any of the Disney parks when you were a child, on spring break, while you were in college, on your honeymoon, as a young family or with teens, share your favorite memories! Now’s your chance. Perhaps you visited with grandchildren, or are fortunate enough to have a season pass?! Perhaps you went on a trip with your girlfriends, or extended family?! Do share, please! I’d love to chat about your favorite Disney memories. Share the love and go for it, friends! Share up a storm. Vague or detailed, tell me all your favorite Disney memories. Let’s chat! Let’s remember the magic of Disney.





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  1. Kelly S says:

    Here’s a recent one: My daughter dressed up in a (homemade) Peter Pan outfit, because she is currently obsessed with Peter Pan. We were in the park in time for opening so we got RIGHT on Peter Pan’s Flight, which is usually a 45 minute wait! So it was still early in the morning – like 8:15 – and most people were in line for rides, and we happened to see the Peter Pan character walking around. He spent, like, 10 solid minutes with my daughter and niece, holding their hand as they walked through Fantasyland, and then took them into a little deserted area and he played Hide and Seek! It was totally precious. Loved it!

  2. I am glad I found your series while looking through the Write 31 Days page. I will be planning a trip to DisneyLand next September to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday. I have been to DisneyWorld and Universal Studios but am so excited for the chance to see DisneyLand next year. Can’t wait to see what you have to post for the rest of the month.

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