Top 10 Reasons To Bring Your Family to Disney

Animal Kingdom

There are probably 100 great reasons to bring your family to Disney parks! Today, I’m covering my top 10. Let’s get to it!

Reason #1: Disney is Great for Kids and Adults Alike

California Adventure ferris wheel

If you’ve never been to Disney, you might be inclined to think it’s just for kids. Totally not true! A trip to Disney is incredibly fun for both kids and adults. Rides and attractions are specially designed to meet the needs of people across the lifespan. Feeling adventurous? Check out the “Rock “n” Roller Coaster” at Hollywood Studios. Traveling with a bunch of tinies? Check out Magic Kingdom’s “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” ride. Young (or old) and wild at heart? Spend late nights at Downtown Disney. Traveling with grandkids and need to grab a little down time? Take the “Kilamanjaro Safari” at Animal Kingdom or a leisurely stroll through Epcot. Something will strike your fancy whether you’re 2 or 82. It’s all good!

Reason #2: You WILL Experience the Magic of Disney

Disneyland paradeIf you’ve ever been to a Disney park, you’ll notice immediately that Disney cast members bid you farewell with “Have a Magical Day!” Maybe some people get annoyed by that and think it’s all a bit too much, that it’s way too cheesy. Not me! Here’s the thing. Disney magic is real. When you’re at a Disney park you WILL experience the magic in one way, shape or form. I promise. Here’s one example of many. During our 2013 trip to Disneyland, there were a bunch of princesses dancing alongside a princess float. I don’t know why, but for some reason they intrigued me and drew me in. They were beautiful, graceful and magical! I took as many princess pictures as I could, and video as well. The kids were tired, so my husband took them back to the room for rest and swimming. I stayed and had some “mama time” at Disney. What did I choose to do? I followed those princesses straight down the parade route. They’d captured my attention so intensely that I wanted to see the magic all the way through. Sound crazy? Okay. Maybe. But when you’re at Disney, seemingly ordinary things turn magical in a flash. Be prepared. The magic is bound to happen and beautiful every time.

Reason #3: Customer Service is Phenomenal

Hollywood Studios painter

Disney’s customer service is incredible. Exceeds expectations every time. So let me tell you a little story to prove my point. Two days ago, I made a call to Disney as I was having trouble booking Fast Passes for three days of our upcoming trip. If you stay on Disney property, you can reserve Fast Passes for rides and attractions up to two months in advance of your trip. Fast Passes allow you to skip through to the front of the line! You’re allowed up to three Fast Passes per person, per day. My issues with those three days of Fast Passes are complex to explain, but basically, on three days, the system wasn’t allowing me to split up our family’s Fast Passes. (I’m not bringing our three year old on a ginormous roller coaster!) So I gave Disney a call to see if they could help me resolve the issue. Day 1? They searched and searched and couldn’t figure it out. We moved onto Day 2. Fixed with new Fast Passes! Day 3? Fixed with new Fast Passes! The Disney cast member put me on hold so she could speak with her supervisor. When she returned, she told me they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with that first Fast Pass, so they issued me and my three-year-old daughter one Fast Pass each good for any one ride of our choosing at any time throughout that day! If you’ve been to Disney World, you know that’s gold. This is Disney customer service. Meeting and exceeding expectations without fail.

Reason #4: Disney Parades are World Class

Animal Kingdom parade

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Disney parades. Any and all of them. Anyplace. Anytime. They’re all great. When you go to Disney parks, you’re sure to see the most awesome parades you’ve ever seen. They make me tear up every time. Okay. I’m an emotional, sentimental sap. But still. They’re amazing. ALL the characters. ALL the music. ALL the Disney love?! Who wouldn’t love it. If you think…maybe we’ll skip the parade today? NOT a good idea. Never skip the parade. They’re awesome. The best. That’s all I have to say.

Reason #5: You Can Wear Mickey Ears All Day and Nobody Thinks Twice

Trying on Mickey Ears

Have you ever wanted to wear Mickey ears? All day? Every day? Then get yourself right on over to a Disney park. People wear Mickey ears all over the place. I’m talking EVERY. WHERE. YOU. TURN. there are Mickey ears. You don’t look dumb and you won’t look dumb and you won’t feel dumb. Just wear the ears, okay?! You can’t do Disney without the ears.

Reason #6: You Get to Meet All the Disney Characters

Beauty and the Beast

One of the most awesome things about visiting a Disney park is that you get to see and meet SO many Disney characters! They pull out all the stops. Whether it’s at a random meet and greet, special character greetings at a designated location, or as part of a character dining experience, ALL the Disney characters make an appearance somewhere or another. Mickey & Minnie. Donald & Daisy. Beauty & The Beast. Elsa & Anna. Chip & Dale. Ariel & Prince Erik. They’re all there. And many, many more! The photo opportunities are gold. Kids love the characters, and I promise you will, too.

Reason #7: You Will Have Fun

Disneyland Bug's Life

I guarantee. You WILL have fun on a Disney vacation. No matter what your age. No matter what your mindset coming into the trip. No matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. No matter if you’re a huge Disney fan or not so much. You’ll love it and you’ll have a blast! There’s fun around every corner at Disney parks. It’s simple fun. Beautiful fun. Classic fun. Fun memories to last a lifetime.

Reason #8: Disney Parks are Beautiful


Disney parks are stunningly beautiful. The grounds are immaculately clean and well kept. Between the rides, the attractions, the characters, the stores and Main Street buildings, the flowers, trees and beautiful landscapes, there’s a visual delight waiting around every corner. I’m incredibly visual and Disney pleases my senses without fail. If you wanted to do nothing but walk around and simply take in the beautiful sights, that would be worth the trip in itself. This doesn’t even begin to describe Disney’s lovely resorts, also incredibly well kept and a visual delight for guests of all ages. Want to step inside a beautiful world like no other? Bring your family to Disney.

Reason #9: You Get to Ride the Tea Cups! 


Who could resist a ride on the tea cups? They’re awesome. Classic. A must see, must do on any trip to Disney! I’ve seen the tea cups knocked off at non-Disney amusement parks and carnivals. Friends, they’re just not the same as the REAL Disney tea cups! Are y’all with me? Disney tea cups are part of the grand Disney experience. Spin slow. Spin fast. Let the cup take the lead. Whatever floats your boat. There are so many incredible rides at Disney it’s crazy. The tea cups are one of those classics you simply cannot miss, most definitely part of the memory making for a lifetime!

Reason #10: Everyone Should Experience Disney at Least Once in Their Lifetime 

It's a Small World Disneyland

Disney is amazing. That’s all there is to it. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit a Disney park, I highly recommend making the trip at least once in your life. There’s nothing like it. Nothing. That’s why we go back time and time again. So bring your spouse. Bring your kids. Bring your grandkids. Bring your parents, your cousins and your friends. Bring your whole family. It’s a blast. It’s magical. It’s totally worth the trip.





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  1. Sheena Lofton-Huggins says:

    I have to add the food! We spent our honeymoon last year at Disney and were surprised to find they have some world class restaurants. Victoria and Albert. Amazing!!!!

  2. Tom Baunsgard says:

    Amy, You NAILED the top ten! My Mother was a Disneyland fan. After growing up and seeing amusement parks as kind of cheesy and sleazy with questionable charachters operating and maintaining the rides… she knew from the very first visit that Disneyland was a breath of fresh CLEAN air. She loved that everything was well maintained , clean and family friendly! Sure it is expensive and I feel bad for those who can only visit for one day, pay a lot of money and not see everything that the Disney parks have to offer. all that being said, I can’t wait to do another year of an annual pass!

  3. Rachel G says:

    Aww! Perfect reasons, I agree with every one!

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