Breathe. Be.


Sitting on the deck.

It’s just me. Birds singing their song. A crescent moon hung in the sky. And God.

I’m wondering.

Perhaps we have it all wrong.

Perhaps we’re not lonely at all.

Perhaps we need more quiet space. Space to be. Space to breathe. Space to listen and find our place in this world.

For me, it is true.

One star hangs bright. Alone. To the right of the crescent moon.

I see it. Twinkling, burning bright from a distance.

Clouds painted across the sky.

God’s simple majesty awaits.

We must silence ourselves for His grace.


Be. With the crescent moon and twinkling star and birds singing their song.


  1. Carol Femling says:

    It’s been so beautiful in the evenings this summer! The weather has been perfect– love it! Your thoughts are my thoughts.

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