Dream 19: Diesel Trucks & The Army



Meet Mat.

I met him in the sporting goods aisle in Walmart. He was looking at camouflage gear with a young woman named Maddy, whose dream I’ll share tomorrow.

I asked Mat one question. “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do with your life?”

This was his response.

Mat would buy a 3500 Dodge Cummins truck. It’s a diesel truck, so “it’s powerhouse.” Mat loves this vehicle so much that he just test drove one “for fun.”

If he didn’t have to worry about money at all, Mat would go into the army. He comes from a military family. His uncle is a recruiter and his dad is a major. Mat plans to join the army within the next year and a half.

By the way, in Mat’s best life, he would “live in his [diesel] truck.” He’d go to “truck stops and shower, do laundry at the laundry mat,” and would park his truck at Maddy’s house if he ever needed a place to stay.


So what can we learn from Mat?

Mat was passionate about his dreams from all angles. And I could tell he’d be willing to stand up for what he believes in regardless of the consequence. Mat was a super nice, down-to-earth guy.

I was convinced that Mat could make all of his current and future dreams come true. Because if you’re passionate about life and what you love, anything’s possible. If you’re relatable and real, people are more compelled to be supportive.

So today I wonder…what are you passionate about? What would you be willing to stand up for regardless of the consequence? Are you relatable and real in a way that makes people want to get behind you and those dreams of yours? Or is something holding you back?





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