Dream 9: LA, NYC & Fire



Meet Steve.

We met at a bus stop. His bus was about to arrive, but we had a few minutes to chat in the in-between.

I asked Steve one question. “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do with your life?”

This was his response.

Steve said he’d “spend time out and about in Los Angeles or New York City.” He’d “hang out, meet new people, and enjoy the music scene.”

I asked Steve if he’d just want to hang out all day in LA or NYC, or was there something else he’d do to keep himself busy, like some sort of work or hobby.

Steve said he’d do “fire for a career.” He’d perform fire breathing and fire poi in Los Angeles or New York City.

Apparently, Steve’s already on his way to living his dream. Currently, he does fire breathing and manipulates fire staffs.

All I can say is go for it, dude. Make that move. Make that dream a reality. I would’ve never guessed this was your dream had we not spoken, but let me say, I can totally see you doing this. So believe in yourself, and know. This is possible.


So what can we learn from Steve?

Steve goes to show that you never know who you’ll meet on the street. And you’ll never know what dreams people have for their lives if you don’t ask.

Sometimes we stay in our little boxes. We don’t step out and meet people outside of our comfort zone.

What if you took a chance this week?

Be a little risky. Get a little uncomfortable. It was good for me, and it’ll be good for you, too.

Strike up conversation with someone who’s different than you. Find out who they are and what makes them tick. You might just discover someone like Steve, a fire breather disguised as a dude on the street. Who knew?

I’d love to know. What do you think about Steve’s dream? Have you ever met a fire breather? And oh yeah, I included a video demonstration of fire poi below in case you want to see what that’s all about.





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