Dream 6: Basketball and DNA



Meet Diamond and John.

I knew I wanted to chat with John the second I passed him on the fairway. What I didn’t know until I approached was that Diamond was equally fascinating.

I asked Diamond and John one question. “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do with your life?”

This was their response.

If Diamond didn’t have to worry about money, she’d be working as a crime lab analyst. She’s always been good at biology, so she wants to do blood and DNA testing. She’s currently enrolled in college and will be transferring to another university to get her degree.

And John? If he didn’t have to worry about money, he’d be “in a house somewhere with [his] feet up, just chilling.” Or maybe he’d be “on the basketball court somewhere playing Kobe Bryant.”


So what can we learn from Diamond and John?

Never guess a person’s dreams for their life based on their place of employment.

Never assume that people have similar dreams for their lives just because they work together.

And never underestimate the power of a dream.

Dreams give us hope. Dreams help us see beyond circumstances and environments. Dreams aren’t visible to the naked eye, but reveal a lot about who we are on the inside.

So tell me…is there something from Diamond and John’s story that you can take and apply to your own life? 





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