Dream 3: Windows, Wishes and Good Guys



Meet Jared, Andy, Nick and Steve.

I approached these guys during lunch hour. They were chatting away, having a grand ol’ time at their table for four. While I hadn’t planned group interviews, this was sure to be fun, so I stopped dead in my tracks and introduced myself.

I asked Jared, Andy, Nick and Steve one question. “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do with your life?”

This was their response.

Jared, Andy, Nick and Steve work together at a window manufacturing company. Three of them work in design and engineering, and one works in finance. These guys were clearly comfortable with one another. I couldn’t have wished for a more fun conversation.

Nick was the first to respond. If he didn’t have to worry about money and could do anything with his life, he’d be a NFL general manager.

Jared would be a college volleyball coach. He used to coach volleyball, but realized he wouldn’t make the money he does in window design and engineering.

Steve would be a hunting or fishing guide.

And Andy? Well, let’s just say he would “stay home.” Andy says he’d “be a professional consumer of things.” If he felt like reading a book, he would. If he wanted an ice cream cone, he’d go get one. If he wanted to spend the afternoon joining Steve on a hunting or fishing tour, he would. If he wanted to watch movies all afternoon, he would. “You’d do whatever you want,” Andy declared casually and confidently.

We tried to get Andy to think of something, anything he’d want to do besides “stay home” and consume things. Nope. Nothing. He was sure about that! He gave us some good laughs, and truth be told, I think a little part of us agreed. Perhaps we’d all enjoy and benefit from some moments to do whatever we please.


So what can we learn from Jared, Andy, Nick and Steve?

It’s tough to nail down just one nugget of wisdom from four guys’ dreams.

But these nuggets rise to the top.

I didn’t sense deep sadness or regret in any of these guys. Sure, they all knew what they’d do with their lives if they didn’t have to worry about money. But I’m pretty sure they’re all okay living in reality, too. So hey, if your reality is working great for you, no need to chase down anything different. Often, God has us right where we need to be.

Rest confidently knowing your dreams are unique, tailor-made for you. Our dreams, whether big or small, reveal a lot about who we are and who we’re becoming. Three out of four of these guys would choose leadership positions if they didn’t have to worry about money, and one would choose to “stay home” and “be a professional consumer of things.” Some of us are outwardly inclined, and some of us are inwardly inclined. Some of us are destined to be leaders, and some of us are destined to live a quiet life. Your dream might fit in others’ box of expectations, and it might not fit at all. Don’t be swayed to dream differently. Whoever you are, whatever you dream, own it.

So tell me…is there something from Jared, Andy, Nick and Steve’s story that you can take and apply to your own life? 





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  1. Susan Baunsgard says:

    I am where Andy wants to be, a stay at home consumer. In that I am retired. I can pretty much do what I please whenever I want to. (Of course I do have to be aware of my budget). Am I missing the other life I had, working as a nurse. That is where I find the message of being happy with your reality as if it was written just for me. I didn’t choose to retire an injury made the choice for me.
    It took me awhile to find the happiness I now have and the peace of knowing that I am where Chest wants me to be. Thank you for doing this blog, it brought a smile to my day.

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