How To Love Like Jesus Every Day After Christmas

In The Quiet

There comes a time when truth hits the road. How do you love like Jesus every day after Christmas?

Fill yourself with joy – for someone else.

Be present.

Recognize the miracle each human being is.

Offer a helping hand.

Be happy for others.

Capture the moment.

Be there, no matter what.

Know that a miracle is always possible.

Stand in for the Heavenly Father.

Quietly rest your hand on another’s shoulder in time of need.

Believe He makes all things new.

Love like a grandma, even when you’re not the grandma.

Reserve all judgement. You might find yourself in someone else’s shoes someday.

Love extravagantly.

Remember, we’re all really the same.

Give thoughtfully, generously, creatively.

Think of others who love from a distance.

See through the eyes of a child.

Forget what’s already happened. Smile, for today’s a new day.

Love, even if nobody notices.

Then rest in peace, knowing they’re in their Father’s hands.



  1. Brett Martin says:

    Love this post- and congrats on your sweet new baby

  2. Cyndy Johnson says:

    Amy, you couldn’t have improved upon this entry!! Thank you for all your inspiring messages!

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