Dear Dr. Busch: A Letter to My Childrens’ Pediatrician {Day 21}

Dear Dr. Busch,

We met you before our first child was born. You were the pediatrician assigned to speak to our birthing class at the hospital. We were newbies to this parenting thing, and somehow we missed the memo we were supposed to be interviewing pediatricians prior to our baby’s birth. Thank goodness you were there that night, because we fell in love with you and decided we didn’t need to interview anyone else. You were it!

You came to the hospital for our son’s first pediatrician visit the day he was born, and conducted another exam before we were discharged. You returned to that same hospital when our daughter was born for her first check. And when our second baby girl was born years later, I was so excited to have you come for her newborn visit, but was informed after birth that your office didn’t make visits to that hospital anymore. The hospitalist just wasn’t the same as our Dr. Busch. I couldn’t wait to get into the office two weeks later so you could meet our baby, examine her, provide education and guidance, and answer questions I had.

For 10 years we saw you faithfully at the clinic for all three childrens’ well child visits. Sometimes we had to schedule appointments 2-3 months in advance because you were so booked, but you were worth the wait every time. I’ll never forget the way you entered the examination room. You were confident, friendly, funny, and quick on your feet. You called the kids by name and knew just what to say to break the ice. Your bedside manner was absolutely superb. I never doubted once your knowledge of pediatrics. When I asked a question, you had an answer. There was NO wishy-washy about you. You knew your stuff and you weren’t hesitant to share. There was a measured confidence in your voice that made me feel at peace. I always knew we were in good hands. You gave us your full attention and never cut the appointment short.

And when troubles arose with our childrens’ health or development, you handled it with grace and ease. You maintained your confidence, but added the perfect boost of warmth and understanding I needed as a parent. You went above and beyond to ensure thorough examinations, prescribed medicine, and made referrals. Your follow-up and memory of all the details was impeccable. As parents, you made us feel competent, able to handle anything that came our way. When I shared my concerns, when I cried, when I was stressed out, when I was sleep deprived, when I was worried or maybe even obsessing, when I just wanted all of this to be taken care of – you were there to share your wealth of knowledge and guide us in the right direction, and I knew you cared.

I’ll never forget the day you told us you were going to move and become a medical school professor at a University. I broke into tears immediately. It was a complete shock. I naively thought you’d be my kids’ pediatrician until they graduated from high school, and you’d barely gotten started with our not quite 1-year-old daughter. You noted your last day, and told us we should schedule any last minute appointments as soon as possible. I was fortunate to get in one last appointment for my son before you left. He was due for a check anyway, but I needed your reassurance we were on the right track with everything before we said good bye one last time.

I cried the day you told us we were leaving, I cried at that last appointment for my son, and I cried again when I got in the car to leave the clinic one last time. We’d been traveling quite a distance to get to you all those years, and I knew now that you were gone, we’d be switching practices. It took months, really, for me to realize the full implications of your absence. We searched long and hard for someone to fill your shoes (8 months to be exact), but fortunately, we finally found a new provider who is competent and caring and injects a little bit of humor at the right time, just like you did.

But we will NEVER forget you, Dr. Busch. You will never be replaced in our hearts. You were phenomenal. Your care, top notch.

Although we still miss you and think of you often, we are happy for you, know this is the right next step in your career, and sincerely wish you all the best in your now not-so-new position as medical school professor. Your medical students are beyond blessed to have you, and I rest easier knowing the next generation of pediatricians will have a little “Dr. Busch” in them.

May the fruits of your work come back to you a thousand fold,


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  1. Nicole Marie Newfield says:

    This is a great letter- we need more doctors like this!

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