Dear Quinn & LeeAnn: A Letter to My Awesome College Friends {Day 10}

Dear Quinn & LeeAnn:

The back of this picture is dated November 20, 1995.

Can you believe it’s been 18 years since we stood in front of the camera for this picture? I can’t!

What in the world were we thinking?! I know we were all glammed-up for a night on the town, and we probably DID look pretty cool that night back in 1995. But those jean vests, and the fact ALL THREE of us were wearing them at the same time? (Did we plan that or were we all just trendsetters?) And look at those jeans! Girls, let’s just be honest and say they make us look about twice our size. On top of that, what’s with the belts? I guess if nothing else, they brought a pop of “color” to break up all the JEAN going on in this picture. It looks like you two got the shirt right, but me? Pure disaster. So baggy. I’d never wear that in public these days, even on a bum around stay-at-home mom kind of day. The hair’s a little 90s but not horrible, ladies. And may I say with sincerity, Quinn you really did rock that jewelry, and LeeAnn your knack for fashion shined through with those silver shoes.

But take all that away and look at our faces. Youthful, glowing, gorgeous, timeless. We had so much fun together. We laughed and shared the good times, all the time. I’ll never forget all the nights out with you, the way you made me laugh, the silly and crazy things we did together. I was blessed by your friendship and the pure joy you brought to my life.

So let’s call it all good and leave it at that! Because our fashion choices that night 18 years ago don’t define us nor our friendship one bit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this awesome, once in a lifetime time-stamped photograph. It’s definitely one to treasure.

You’re the best, ladies.


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  1. Carol Femling says:

    NICE girls!! I remember you well and Bruce and I have missed seeing you!! You girls did have fun together in college! Good times 🙂

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