Dear Cyndy: A Letter to My Second Mom {Day 1}

Dear Cyndy,

Words can’t express how grateful I am for your presence in my life. You’re my sister’s Godmother and I have a Godmother of my own, so let’s just call you my second mom and leave it at that!

Years before I was even a twinkle in my parents’ eyes, you were there. They knew you before they knew me.

When mom’s belly was growing round and she’d never done any of this before, you were there.

When I toddled on the lawn, you waited, ready to catch me if I fell and needed help getting back up again.

You were there when we lived in the blue house with the L-shaped wood fence at the end of the driveway. For birthday parties, weekend getaways, confirmations, and even a trip to Opryland! You were there for the parade as I marched down the street with my flute, pouring rain drenched right through that thin, white windbreaker with Amy embroidered on the front. You planned our itinerary for prom dress shopping, and got an insider’s view of the limo before we pulled out of the driveway. And my high school graduation party? I knew you wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

You hosted us kindly with sloppy joes, potato chips, carrots and dip, pickles, and rice krispie treats in Tupperware containers labeled just so with masking tape. And in the evenings, we all gathered on the couches downstairs, eating Baker’s Square French Silk pie or yummy homemade bars, watching a movie we’d chosen from the strip mall movie store that doesn’t exist anymore. Your family calendar was always a drawer pull away from the kitchen island – a whole host of events detailed in pencil, but there was always room for more of us.

When we moved to the gray-blue house with the white fences in front, you were there. When sister graduated and I graduated again, and just a month later, they dressed me in a toilet paper wedding dress at my shower, you were there. You joined me, mom, sister, and mother-in-law for wedding dress shopping, and when I walked down the aisle, you were invited to sit near the front, with family. You came as mom’s guest to my college friend’s wedding and watched as I walked down the aisle again, this time as bridesmaid.

When my belly was full and round, you came for the shower. You warmly welcomed baby #1 and #2 with hospital visits, and baby #3 was home visit worthy just days after birth.

When times were changing, you showed up and helped mom and dad move out of their gray-blue home into a house sufficient for retirement. We celebrated a birthday and honored friendship that lasts. When I called to report bad news not once, but twice (well…more likely three or four times), and when times got tougher yet, you showed up every single time. You surrendered your sanity one day, lassoed loose words and threw them back into the ocean of grace and forgiveness another day, and spent yet another day drying shed tears, packing boxes, and moving things from one place to another only to learn later it was all for naught.

When it could have been easier to bail, you didn’t. You came back for more, listening and understanding, loving and living this one wonderfully tough life – together. That is the mark of a true friend. That is the mark of a woman I’m proud to refer to as my second mother.

I’m not sure I could have gone through this life without you, and I’m so grateful you’ve been there through it all. Good times and bad.

Thank you for all that you’ve been, all that you are, and all that you will be,


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  1. Diane Minnella Marretta says:

    Just beautiful,so well written. God Bless you all!! Xo

  2. Jennifer Johnson Camp says:

    Amy, wow, this is beautiful. Cyndy’s choices, over and over again, to be present, to return. What a life. What a heart. What an impact. This is so powerful, friend. What a beautiful gift here, to give tribute and love. Such a privilege and blessing to read your words about her. Thank you.

  3. Nicole Marie Newfield says:

    What a great idea, we all have so many people to thank. Wonderful!

  4. Carol Femling says:

    YES Amy, you said it perfectly!! Cyndy has been there as the sister I never had for 40 years and…she’s still here for our entire family. She’s been though many hard times and many good times with us—-an AWESOME friend and Godmother. She’s been a second mom to you and Tiff, and for that I am SO grateful!! I can always count on her AND Don!! Love you, Cyndy! Thanks, Amy, for the beautiful tribute to Cyndy!! 🙂

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