When You Know It’s Time To Break Free

Gibby, right? Sweet and funny sidekick from iCarly? But think twice. He’s more than just Gibby. He’s Noah Munck.

I had the privilege of meeting Noah for a couple minutes at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards pre-party in March. Being the mom that I am, I of course explained that my kids love watching him on iCarly and we were sad the show had wrapped. Noah thanked me kindly, but made it clear he was looking forward to moving on with his acting career in movies and TV shows.

I’ve pulled this picture up on my computer screen more than once since March because as much as I enjoyed meeting Gibby, Noah got me thinking. How many of us want to break free from old, out-of-date, worn-out images of ourselves?

Maybe you’ve been the funny sidekick like Gibby, and you desperately want to be taken seriously for who you really are.

Maybe you’ve always felt like the fat girl, the fat boy, the one on the sidelines, insecure, not good enough.

Maybe you’ve been the quiet one, you feel small, you’re afraid to express your opinions, but long to break out of your shell.

Maybe you’re the good girl, the “perfect” one, doing what’s best, making the right decision in every circumstance, and you just can’t do it anymore.

Maybe you’re the sarcastic one, hiding your true feelings behind jokes that make others feel bad, looking for a laugh when you’re dying on the inside.

Maybe you’ve been addicted, looking for security and stability here, there, anywhere, and you haven’t found it yet, so you shop and you eat and you drink and you work, you wander and you roam, you’re aimless, and it’s getting you nowhere.

Maybe you’ve felt alone, nobody understands, you’ve been abandoned and abused, and you can’t shake the feeling that nobody notices or even cares.

I give you permission today. Break free. You’ve been you, and nothing is wasted on God’s clock, but it’s time to break out of your shell and become who He created you to be. You’re even more than you’ve been. You’re beautiful, you’re you. Perfectly unique, ready to bloom right where you are.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.  Jeremiah 1:5


Noah’s next project, Swindle, premiering on Nickelodeon August 24th! Best wishes to you Noah.

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Meet Me At This Moment for Five Minute Friday post. I spend the last hour of Thursday chatting with a group of authentic and inspiring Five Minute Friday bloggers on Twitter (#fmfparty). One minute past midnight EST Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker gives us a single word prompt and we all write a blog post centered around that word. We write for five minutes, and five minutes only! In the words of Lisa, this is “unscripted. unedited. real.” You meet me at this moment in time…my thoughts and opinions, my joys and sorrows, my dilemmas and dreams. And I receive one of the greatest gifts ever – a regular outlet for processing and expressing my thoughts without constantly editing myself. This is my life, my perspective, unfiltered.

The word of the week is SMALL.

  1. Great take on this week’s word. I liked reading it a lot. You are a great encourager. Keep it up!!

    “Your beginning will seem so small, since your future will flourish.” Job 8:7

    • Amy says:

      Hi Debi, and thanks for YOUR encouragement! I just ran across that passage a day or two ago, so funny you posted it here today! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love the timing of your words here, Amy. They really spoke to my heart at the exact moment I read them. It’s as if I really was looking for permission to break free after feeling misguided and small for so long. It’s time to break free indeed! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Amy says:

      Tanya, so glad this post spoke to you at the right moment. I hope with all of my heart you are able to break free from whatever has been holding you back! God bless you on the journey!

  3. Love this post and happy to have found your blog 🙂

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