Meet Me At This Moment: Quiet

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Meet Me At This Moment for Five Minute Friday post! I spend the last hour of Thursday chatting it up with a group of authentic and inspiring Five Minute Friday bloggers on Twitter (#FiveMinuteFriday #fmfparty). One minute past midnight EST Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker gives us a single word prompt and we all write a blog post centered around that word. We write for five minutes, and five minutes only! In the words of Lisa, this is “unscripted. unedited. real.” You meet me at this moment in time…my thoughts and opinions, my joys and sorrows, my dilemmas and dreams. And I receive one of the greatest gifts ever…a regular outlet for processing and expressing my thoughts without constantly editing myself. This is my life, my perspective, unfiltered.

The word of the week is QUIET.

Ready. Set. GO!

In the quiet.

In the quiet, I rock you and hold you and love you to pieces.

In the quiet, I calm you and carry you and drift you to sleep.

In the quiet, I take all that is yours and give all that you need.

In the quiet, I love you to the end.

In the quiet, I cradle you.

In the quiet, I say stop.

In the quiet, I’m sorry.

In the quiet, I’m so glad you’re here.

In the quiet, I say start over, it’s ok.

In the quiet, I thank you.

In the quiet, I want you to be the friend that knows it all.

In the quiet, I’m sorry I’m not that friend.

In the quiet, I want the drama to end.

In the quiet, I want to be released.

In the quiet, I want freedom to be.

In the quiet, I want frosted cookies and homemade soup in candlelight.

In the quiet, I want shelter, refuge.

In the quiet, I want meaning, depth.

In the quiet, I want more with less.

In the quiet, I want stuff removed.

In the quiet, I want more Him, less them.

In the quiet, I make a difference.

In the quiet, I am free.

In the quiet, I am me.

In the quiet, I will be.


…”Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10


  1. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Amy! I finally took some time to read your blogs and they are simply wonderful. I’m inspired by you and my heart hurts for the sadness you have at times. I’d like to send you a personal note one day soon, so don’t be surprised when you get a long one from me. Hang in there and always know that life is beautiful. PS I, like you and Brenda, am wiping tears as I write. Peace.. And Love.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you Jennifer. Your taking time to read through my blog and comments mean so much. I very much appreciate your heart felt words. I take life very seriously, sense and feel deeply, and think and over think all day long. All these things added up together make for what sometimes feels like a burden, but is also a gift. For now, I have decided to put a lot of it “out there” for others to read. I am hoping some of my writing, some of my thoughts, strike a chord with my readers so they don’t feel alone, so they can see life in a new light. Blessings to you and Brian, and hope to see you sometime in the near future!! It’s been too long.

  2. Nikki says:

    I think I forgot to take a breath that entire write! I was too captivated…loved it, friend. 🙂

  3. Brenda Howe says:

    Beautiful. You’ve brought me to tears again!

  4. Tom Baunsgard says:

    In the quiet… a short sweet quieting post, Shhhh.

  5. What a beautiful place you have here. So happy to have met you through FMF, Amy. I love these statements in the quiet. I can relate to so many of them. Especially these: “In the quiet, I rock you and hold you and love you to pieces…I say start over, it’s ok…I want you to be the friend that knows it all…I’m sorry I’m not that friend.” And this: “In the quiet, I will be.” Thank you so much for these lovely reflections today. A lovely piece of quiet rest. ‘Twas good for my soul.

    • Amy says:

      Dear Ashley: I love hearing the specific sentences you related to most from this post. Being able to share reflections on life’s experiences is one of the great gifts of blogging and reading others’ blogs. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I’ll look forward to stopping by your place later tonight. 🙂

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