Meet Shawna

It is my honor to introduce you to Shawna whose actions served as inspiration for this blog!

I first met Shawna at a Home & Garden show early March 2011. I was strolling through the exhibits with my family and we happened upon Shawna’s booth which featured handmade flower clips. The beauty of the flowers caught my attention. My daughter who is very much into fashion was right behind me. I remember picking up many flowers that day, gently handling each one, viewing them from all angles, admiring the artistry within each creation, and taking special note of the fabrics I found to be most beautiful. My daughter followed suit and began begging me to buy her one. Being the practical and sometimes frugal person I am, I told my daughter “no” gently but as firmly as I could, took a business card, and promised we could call Shawna if we needed flowers for my daughter’s flower girl debut at a wedding the following month. I smiled, said “thank you” to Shawna, and began walking away. Shortly after we left, Shawna came after us with flower in hand. Clipping the flower on my daughter’s boot, she said “this is for you” with a big smile. My daughter broke out in a grin from ear to ear, as did I. We thanked her for being so kindhearted and promised we would be in touch. I couldn’t believe that a complete stranger would be so kind as to give my daughter this beautiful fabric flower clip…just because she had a big heart for a little girl passing by.

Needless to say, when it came time for flower girl preparations later that month and the bride gave us free reign to find a flower for my daughter’s hair and for the flower girl dress, I embraced the opportunity! I contacted Shawna and she advised me to pick out an assortment of fabrics that would match the dress. I poured over all of the options and landed on four or five fabrics I found to be beautiful and matched the color scheme for the wedding. I met Shawna at a local bagel shop, fabrics in hand along with a picture of the flower girl dress for inspiration. For some reason, I vividly remember the large container of fabric flowers Shawna brought that day as samples. She picked up each delicate flower as if it was a masterpiece worthy of great care, just as I had earlier that month at the Home & Garden show. Ultimately, we agreed I would need Shawna to make two flowers, one large for the flower girl dress and one small one for her hair. We parted ways and Shawna promised flowers in one week.

One week later, Shawna and I met again at the bagel shop. This time Shawna had a box of flowers in hand, a beautiful gold box with silver tissue paper lining. Let me be clear. I expected Shawna to bring TWO flowers that day. Instead, she brought SEVEN. One stunning large flower for the flower girl dress, two flower trios for my daughter’s hair that were beautifully arranged miniature bouquets, one “extra” flower she “just made up quickly,” and three little purple hair clips for a cute added touch. I was absolutely stunned. As Shawna pulled each flower out of the box to show me, I could not believe that not only did she meet my expectations, but she exceeded them far beyond most people have ever been able. I remember experiencing such joy that I felt like I was on the edge of tears the whole time she was presenting me with the flowers. I noted, too, that Shawna was glowing with excitement as she shared with me her creations. It was so clear to me that Shawna had a very special gift and she did not hesitate to use it to bring joy to others’ lives. I left, flowers in hand, feeling blessed beyond belief. A week later, I experienced the joy all over again when the stylist chose one of the flowers for my daughter’s hair, and I pinned a flower on her flower girl dress just hours before she walked down the aisle.

To this day, I have kept the box of flowers in a special place in my closet. I never threw away the box because I want to always be reminded of the special gift Shawna brought to me that day. Those flowers were so much more than fabric pieced together for a flower girl’s hair and dress. They were a reminder that there is always beauty to be discovered in this world, that God has endowed each one of us with special gifts that He longs for us to share with others, and that I need to be much more intentional about seeing and experiencing the joy others bring to my life. If I enter each day having an extremely high set of expectations, I will ALWAYS be disappointed. If I enter each day asking God to give me fresh eyes to see what is often unseen, my expectations will always be exceeded far beyond what I could have imagined.

Today I challenge and encourage you…

Are you living life slowly and intentionally enough so that you can truly see people?

Do you accept the gifts others bring into your life, or do you overlook or disregard these gifts because you are too busy to notice or don’t feel worthy?

What special gifts do you possess? Are you using your gifts to make a difference in others’ lives?

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully. Romans 12:6-8


  1. Bob says:

    While in a classroom setting, students and I do share space, ideas, time, and concerns. Middle school students do see and feel when others care.

  2. I am so very touched by your beautiful words Amy…I am crying now, after reading your first post. :*) How amazing it is to have God put amazing people in our paths at just the time you need them…I am so grateful for your generosity Amy…I still remember the day I met you and your sweet little girl, my heart flew out of my chest when I was able to make her smile. It is my joy in life to make others happy and share the gifts God has given me to do so. God bless you sweet lady, and thank you for giving me the gift you have given me with your words.

    • Amy says:

      Shawna, I’m so glad you were touched by the post. You certainly made a huge impression on me, so I am glad I was able to bless you with my telling of the story. This blog is forever in your honor…your kind actions, joyful presence, and demonstration of excellence were more than noteworthy in my mind. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

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